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August 2000



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RE: C Structure and Java

Posted by Kishori Sharan on August 20, 2000 at 12:21 PM

I don't think there is a corresponding java type to C structure so that you can hold the returned value fron C function in java and manipulate it. However, you can get what you want in one of the following ways.
1. You can define a class in java with memeber variables that match the structure of your C structure that you are getting as a return value from your C function. Create a function in C which takes an argument of java object. Call that C function from java passing an object of that class you created and populate the memeber variables of java class in C function with all the data elements of structure that you get in C. This way you can get all the data from C structure into java object.
2. Define a java class with a method which takes a String as an argument. Define a String array as the member object of that class. Pass an object of this class to a C function . Call the method of java class from C function passing the string one at a time which you get in string array in C struture. Keep storing the string in string array instance object of java class within the java class method.
What I mean to say is first you create a C function. You can get the C structure data in the C function you have created. Pass an object of java class to that C function and set the struture data in the instance variables of java object. This way you have all your C struture's data in java object instance variables.



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