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Packages Swingin'

Posted by Matt Gerrans on October 31, 2001 at 12:50 PM

I think this question has been covered already in this forum (did you do a search, as suggested at the top of the forum?), but here it is briefly:
Your CLASSPATH environment variable needs to include the root path of the package, which is whereever you unzipped the sample code. That is, the parent directory of the "com" part.

- mfg

> > Recently purchased Bruce Eckel's book Thinking In Java.
> > Downloaded programs off of CDROM (included with book).
> > Bruce Eckel's example uses packages which he developed.

> > When I compile the Bruce Eckels's java source code examples
> > which include "import com.bruceeckel.swing.*" or "package
> > com.bruceeckel.swing", I get compilation error that reads
> > "package com.bruceeckel.swing does not exist". It, of course,
> > does in fact exist, but ... compiler cannot find it ... so

> > my Question - Which folder/directory should I move bruceeckel's
> > package to in the jdk1.3? Intuitively (at least to me) I'm not
> > sure where I should place it in order to reconcile compilation
> > error.

> > Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions/help.


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