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Big Program

Posted by Chet Underwood, Esq. on December 07, 2001 at 3:06 PM

> Hi emm i was just wondering if anyone could help me? i have to write a big program and part of it includes manipulating a string ie. "house" to turn out backwards "esuoh". I notice there is already a post here about reversing strings but this is innacurate and even has a ; after a for loop. Coursework is for this friday ie. tmrw so just in a last ditch chance im hoping one of you nice people out there will give me a hand.. once i get that i can do the rest myself.. just this bits got me stuck. thats heaps :). hope to hear from someone soon! :). ~Phil

Uh, so what's the big program you have to write?

As for the solution to this little problem of reversing a string, look at the StringBuffer class an if no figurative lightbulb illuminates above your noggin, then quickly drop this programming class and change your major.


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