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Posted by Matt Gerrans on December 11, 2001 at 6:28 PM

> > 1. Two different java programs running in two different user areas
> > needs to communicate with each other. Can there be anything like a
> > shared memory. There are considerations, due to which I can
> > not use a port or a file.

> > Is there a way to have a shared memory or is there a way, how I
> > can share an object between two java programs, which are running
> > in two different user areas.


I think there may be a couple reasons for the lack of response:

  1. You posted in the August forum and it is now December.
  2. After reading your question a couple times, I'm still not sure exactly what you are asking.

What are "user areas?" If you want to transfer data betwixt files running on different machines, over the network, then use sockets. If you want to transfer data between programs on the same machine (like OLE/COM on the windows platform), then Sun just posted an article for you: New Data Transfer Capabilities.

- mfg


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