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August 2001



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MVC design pattern ---- Applet

Posted by seetarama raju on August 09, 2001 at 2:29 PM


I've question regarding usage of Applet in MVC Architecture.
i recently come across a requirement wherein,a flight reservation
system needs to have a web interface, to the client and also
a GUI based interface to a travel agent.Travel agent also is needed access to all the system functionality, and they should able to track clients. Obviously his system performance speed should be high.what i did was to have business logic in ejb,a controller
servlet and jsp as view for the regular client. but for the travel agent i've gone for a applet- swing gui client which interacts with the controller servlet and the same ejb model.
so my question is can we have an applet like this as a view in
the MVC pattern.
i think iam missing a major point here. can anybody help me with this



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