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August 2001



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pass a numerical equation to a method while taking it input as a string

Posted by rashid on August 09, 2001 at 8:02 PM

i am making a generalized program with GUI in which all the numerical techniques are implemented but the problem is that
i want to take execute the method...(e.g root finding technique)
by pressing a button.. then program prompt user for an equation (which roots are to be calculated) and i've to pass that equation to that root finding class where that equation acts like a mathematical equation or function...

i hope that is enough to define my problem..

somebody told me that the method public process exec(String)
of Runtime class can help but i don't know how..i tried to use it but couldn't. tokenizer is too hard to use 'cause in a mathematical function there are so many function like trignometry, logrithm, exponential and all these can come in equation...

plz suggest some solution. coding is welcome


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