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August 2001



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Posted by Pavan Kumar Keely on August 14, 2001 at 2:22 AM

> Hi,

> I am using sockets to send text and files to a client running Windows CE. When I was writing and testing my code, I used a W2K machine with the code on a network drive and simply ran it using two command windows. It ran correctly when both the server and client were on the same machine. Now I want to run the client on different machines (both W2K and WinCE) and it doesn't work correctly (it only sends the first text file).

> Any Suggestions?

> Thanks,

> Nick

Can you please send the code, so that I can check that out.
I also did the application like this using the sockets.
I got a problem like putting at the max 8192 bytes in the stream and not more than that. If you send the code I can Look at that...
Pavan Kuamr Keely


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