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August 2001



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JTextField woes

Posted by Jesse on August 15, 2001 at 9:25 PM

This is going to sound silly to neraly everyone I'm sure. But this particualr problem is quickly giving me an ulcer. Mostly for the fact it is, as far as I can tell completely unexplainable. Here's the setup. I am writing a program that is a revision of an old one. Basically taking the old idea which was pretty reasonable and adding in new things and features to make it a really good piece o' code. Here the current problem.... I have these JTextField showing values for a particular plot on the screen, the user can go over to em, plop in new values and hit update and the chart should re-chart itself and show what would happen given the values you just entered. The problem is.. the JTextFields never catch on to the fact that their string or values have been changed at all. I have debugging line in the code showing clear as day that despite having typed a big old '3' in the box 1.5 is still showing from the start-up. Any ideas???


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