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interface Connection in package java.sql

Posted by Arjan van der Meer on December 15, 2000 at 4:36 PM


I am wondering why the following code works.
Im my understanding Connection is an interface in class java.sql.
An interface cannot be instantiated andshou;d have all its methods
implemented by the clss that implements the interface.
But which class implements Connection here ? Where is the
implementation of the method createStatement() ?

Thank you for your help,

import java.sql.*;

class Employee
public static void main (String args [])
throws SQLException
// Load the Oracle JDBC driver
DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver());

// Connect to the database
// You must put a database name after the @ sign in the connection URL.
// You can use either the fully specified SQL*net syntax or a short cut
// syntax as ::. The example uses the short cut syntax.
Connection conn =
DriverManager.getConnection ("jdbc:oracle:thin:@dlsun511:1721:dbms733",
"scott", "tiger");

// Create a Statement HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ??
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement ();

// Select the ENAME column from the EMP table
ResultSet rset = stmt.executeQuery ("select ENAME from EMP");

// Iterate through the result and print the employee names
while ( ())
System.out.println (rset.getString (1));


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