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Help with java problem!

Posted by Tony Cola on December 04, 2000 at 11:34 AM

I have been working through my assignment and have got to the stage where it asks me to find the most frequently occuring character in string. I'M STUCK AND ABOUT TO GO INSANE!!
Here is my code:-
Class Assignment{
String content[] ={
"Hello How Are You AMOLK",
int []letterCount =new int[26];
for (int count = 0; count< content.length; count++) {
String current = phrase[count];
char[] letters = current.toCharArray();
for (int count2 = 0; count2char lett= letters[count2];
if ( lett >= 'A') & (lett <= 'Z') ) {
letterCount[lett - 'A']++;
for (char count = 'A'; count <= 'Z'; count++) {
System.out.print(count + ":" +
letterCount[count - 'A'] +
This code produces a list of the number of instances of upper case by each letter. eg. A:1 B:2 C:9 all the way to Z.
However need to work out how to get it to recognise the character that has the highest value. eg in the above list C has the highest frequency.
Thanks for any help!!!

Also any advice on finding the most frequently occuring character from the set ?@$�!. I cannot use if a-z int 29 etc.
Thanks for any help.


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