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December 2000



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I like your name!!!

Posted by Kishori Sharan on December 27, 2000 at 1:21 PM

Hi Saddy
I like your name!!! Is it your real name? Here is the truth.
When you call elements ( ) method on an object of Vector class then the elements ( ) method returns an anonymous class which implements Enumeration interface.Now you must be curious enough to know the declaration of that anonymous class. I have attached the implementation of elements ( ) method of Vector class at the end of this posting. So the code

Enumeration e = v.elements ( ) ;
is ok because at run time v.elements ( ) returns an object of a class which implements Enumeration interface. This can be proven by
System.out.println ( e.getClass().getName ( ) ) ;
which will print java.util.Vector$1
Since the anonymous class being used here is the first one used in Vector class , so is its name Vector$1.


////////////// elements() method of java.util.Vector class
public Enumeration elements() {
return new Enumeration() {
int count = 0;

public boolean hasMoreElements() {
return count < elementCount;

public Object nextElement() {
synchronized (Vector.this) {
if (count < elementCount) {
return elementData[count++];
throw new NoSuchElementException("Vector Enumeration");


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