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Case of applet ??..

Posted by j.h lee on January 30, 2001 at 10:29 PM

> hi there,
> try the following:
> java -ms64M -mx64M your_program_name

> ms is meant for setting the min heap size and
> mx for setting the max heap size.

> The two values can be different.

> > Hi
> > We had written a batchprogram in java which will do lot od db processing.
> > It is using lot of ResultSet objects,Transcation Objects etc.....
> > to support batch updates.

> > just before completion of the execution i am assigning null to
> > all objects which were created earlier.
> > and i am calling System.gc();
> > i know we can not predict when gc will be invoked.

> > After executing this program we are not able to do any thing in that machine as
> > it is giving outofmemory error always.
> > I dont have any alternative than restarting the machine.

> > So Please if any body suggests some solution it will be a great help.

> > Thanx & Regardss
> > Sneha
> >

if the program is java applet, is java VM's heap memory changed ??..

how the way ??...



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