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December 2000



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Infinity threads

Posted by S.Serkan Gurdal on March 29, 2001 at 7:50 AM

> I am tensed about Thread Questions. Can someone send me questions on Thread to practice.

> Thanks

> Mahesh

Hi Mahesh;

I want to ask you some questions about threads, if you are still
interested in.

We have a problem with destroying of threads. We have made a project
almost 40 different threads run in the program when they are executed,
and if the user restarts some parts, new threads are created, so the memory

The problem is the garbage collector does not destroy the threads,
so they eat the memory. We wrote only in the stop method of the
programs the following;

myThread = null;

What can be the problem, or can we solve this problem,
what should we do ?

I am waiting for your answer.
(If you mail me it will best fit to me)

Thanks in advance

S. Serkan Gurdal
Software Specialist
Halici Yazilimevi


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