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December 2000



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the real one

Posted by idiot on May 02, 2001 at 6:16 AM

happy to find your thriving interest in the field of netwoking but sad that you want to proceed with the deplorable java. honestly speakin this is a very admirable project. but i feel that you do justice to the project only if you work in the c (god father) language. iam speakin so much as iam also concentratin in this area particulary in writing device drivers for the special card needed for this purpose(XIC card) as NIC card wont fully satisfy the needs.
think more. learn more. have funda.
idiot(find out my real name???. clue:unscramble idiot.)
n.b: forget the previous message of mine. i was jus kiddin, as i dislike java.


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