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December 2000



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launch servlets from webpage in JWS

Posted by Mark on December 10, 2001 at 6:02 PM

> > Your URL will look like
> > http://host/servlet/your_servlet_name
> > The word servlet will be as it is after host/. Suppose you have created a servlet and compiled it then your URL will be
> > http://host/servlet/Si
> > In the above case I have assumed you haven't put your servlet in any package. If you put your servlet in a package then you can add the full path and a name which you will be using for your servlet in URL using administration tools of JavaWebserver.

> > Thanx
> > Kishori

Hello, I've done it as above descripted (and also registred and loaded the servlet in Admin Tools), but I'm not capable to launch the servlet from a web page (with relative form) because when I try to charge page at my browser says me that required web page doesn't exist... which is my error? please help me!


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