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December 2000



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Hi Belle

Posted by Kihsori Sharan on December 08, 2000 at 9:20 AM

Hi Belle
You are right to some extent. In fact iteration starts with 10 , but before the control enters the for loop and checks the condition in for loop, it becomes 9.

for ( int i = array.length ; --i >= 0 ; ) {

// for loop body



1) First of all int i = array.length is executed and the variable i is initialized to 10. So the loop starts with 10.
2) Now the condition part of for loop is executed and if it has
a value of true then only control will enter for loop body.
--i >= 0
This part is made of two expressions viz. left hand expression --i and right hand constant expression 0 ( zero ) . Before comparing the two expressions RH and LH these two expressions will be evaluated. So first --i is evaluated and it makes the value of i equal to 9. So the condition part is
9 >= 0 for the first time which is true and then control enters the body of for loop with the value of 9 for loop variable i.
I hope it is clear to you how loop variable i is changing its value.


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