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December 2000



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Mulithreading Vs Multitasking

Posted by Ramesh R G V S on December 11, 2000 at 3:33 AM

> what is the difference between multithreading & multitasking?

Basicalyy there is not much difference between these 2
u can say multi threading as a specilized form of multitasking.
A multi threaded program contains 2 or more threads running concurently.
in a multitasking environment 2 or more processes will run concurently.
Multithreading requires less overhead than multitasking,
process are hevyweight tasks that require their own addressspace.
interprocess communication is veryexpensive and contextswitching
from one process to another procees is costly since they are running
in different address spases.
in case of multithreading threads are lightweightprocess and
can share same addressspace and interthread communication is less expensive
than interprocees



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