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December 2001



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Thanks, and a follow-on question

Posted by Rich Sorensen on December 10, 2001 at 11:25 PM


Thank you very much for the help. I am using Forte v3.0 as my IDE and had tried creating a jar file with their built-in Jar tool (it creates a file named "xxx.jarContent"). However, when I tried using on the web site (and inserting the "archive" lines in the calling web page), it failed with an "unable to find class xxxx" error. However, I just tried using JAR32.exe, and that worked properly. I guess the Forte tool is N/G.

The current syntax I'm using for getting the icon file is:

URL hURL = AppletObject.getClass().getResource("name.gif");
IconObject = new ImageIcon(hURL);

According to the documentation I've looked up, the format of the auth header is:

"Authorization: Basic username:password"

where the "username:password" string is Base64-encoded as you indicated. But the question is, how would I add this header to the URL object above?

Rich Sorensen

> 1. How can I get the applet authentication turned off? (the credentials supplied in the login are sufficient to read the icon files from the web server).

> With basic authentication, the server expects to find an HTTP header entry called "Authorization". The value of this header is created in this way:

  1. Concatenate the username with a colon and the password. Example: "webuser:webpassword".
  2. Base64-encode this value. The result should be something like "d2VidXNlcjp3ZWJwYXNzd29yZA==".
  3. Prepend the value with "Basic ". Example: "Basic d2VidXNlcjp3ZWJwYXNzd29yZA==".

> Every time you make a request to the server to get an image, include this header value.

> 2. Is there a way to include and compile graphic files as resources within a Java app so you don't have to read them from external files? (like you can do with VB and C++).

> You can't compile them in, but you can include the applet and the resources within the same jar file. Access the resources with getClass().getResource().


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