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December 2001



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Posted by Chin Loong on December 03, 2001 at 1:07 PM

probably u should check your Login Servlet and check what will cause the person to be re-directed to the login page. it's your application and i can't tell exactly what might be the possible causes.

but well, in a normal applications like these, one of the possible causes is that your app thinks that the client has already logged out. then u need to check how your app actually determines whether the user is logged out or not. is it by checking the session? how did the app "login" a person? did u save a value to the session? or did you save that information into the cookie? in short, you would have to check your codes to find out the problem :)

but from what i can see, one of the causes is that the app thinks that the client is already logged out. it's either the cookies aren't really working (u actually believed your client when he tells u his cookies are fine? :p u better go there n check it out yourself, or probably ask him to send u a copy of his saved cookie), or maybe.. dang, there's so many possibilities. u better check your codes ;)


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