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December 2001



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Tried to write some of it

Posted by Joe on December 16, 2001 at 12:50 PM

> 1. Define a java class called student. Each student has a name, a count of taken exams, and an average grade in those exams. At the beginning of the semester, we start with a count of 0 exams & an average of 0.

> The class should have 3 methods, plus of the constructor:
> � GetName : To simply return the student�s name
> � GetAverage: To return the student�s average grade so far
> AddTest: to add a new test score to the student�s record.

aight i tried to write the method skeleton but im not sure what this program is exactly asking me to write..this is what i got so far can you tell me if im the right track and what else i need please...

public class student
public String getName(String Name)
string Name=N;
return N;
public double getAverage(Double Average)
double Average=A;
return A;
public double addTest(Double Test)
double Test = T;
return T;


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