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December 2001



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DOS Commands in Java

Posted by Rick Rodriguez on December 25, 2001 at 11:20 PM


I was curious to see if anyone out there new of a good resource, either an author or internet resource, that could explain how to run DOS commands, via a Java GUI.

In other words, I want to create a Java "shell" program that will execute the Internet Explorer program on a specific html file, i.e. "iexplorer.exe sample.htm" or execute a "C/C++" program, both via a "button" for each.

What would be involved in accomplishing this "DOS aspect", aside from properly desiging the GUI components and listeners? I have read about a Runtime class that might be needed, but I could not find any reference to this type of scenario on the Internet or in the 3 Java books that I have.

In "C/C++", I simply would use the "system("");" command in order to accomplish this, but I don't have a clue about how this would be accomplished in Java.

Any feedback would be appreciated, preferrably at my e-mail address. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Rick Rodriguez


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