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December 2001



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Posted by Pavan Kumar Keely on December 31, 2001 at 1:39 AM

> i am trying to send a file over a socket connection.
> a server gets a request and socket connection is established.
> so far so good.
> now i want to open streams on the server side, but it i need both input streams and output streams. input to read request type from client and output to write the file to client.
> it goes like this: first, server reads request from inputstream. second, server sends file. third, server (tries to) read from inputstream again, to see if there are additional requests or end of request code.
> my problem is on the third step, the server wont read anything more at this point it seems, it just blocks, why? I am sending more data from the client, so its not that.
> Id be very gratefull for tips on this. Thanks.
> /sebastian


That may be a little problem in coding the things.
How are you specifying the end of file transfer to the client. If the client doen't know the completion of transfer it blocks the way. If you want to make this synchronous then using the proper threading mechanism you can do this.

Otherwise follow your own protocol to specify the file size and let the client know the trnasfer complete.

This may help you in reaching the goal...if not feel free to contact me at

Pavan Kumar Keely,
Software developer, Quillis india


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