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December 2001



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Message: Type code out of range, is -84

Posted by Istvan Bagyura on December 05, 2001 at 6:33 AM


I've wrote a class that implements Serializable interface and I have a problem with that.

I can write these serialized objects to a file with ObjectOutputStream,
but I can't read these objects from the file.

The code I write to a file with /it works properly/:

private void kiir( TreeObject to )
throws FileNotFoundException, IOException
FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream
ObjectOutputStream oout = new ObjectOutputStream(fout) ;

oout.writeObject( to );
oout.flush() ;

The code I read from a file with /it doesn't work properly/:

public void list()
throws Exception
FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream( this.SOURCEFILENAME ) ;
ObjectInputStream oin = new ObjectInputStream( fin ) ;

TreeObject to ;

while ( ( to = (TreeObject) oin.readObject() ) != null )
System.out.println( to.toString() );

oin.close() ;

What can I do? There is something I don't know?

Thanks All!



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