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December 2001



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i see... (eom)

Posted by Chin Loong on December 10, 2001 at 2:05 AM

> > jay, the thing is, i don't really know how to solve your problem.
> > can u refresh my mind on the problem? ^_^
> > if i'm not mistaken, u want to use the printerjob to interact with client machine?
> > how about formatting the page first, pop up a window with the correct "report-like" format, and automatically (or put a button to) execute window.print() ?

> Jay,

> If I remember correctly, you don't want to just format the html nicely and let the client print from the browser, you want your Java program to talk to the printer, right? If that is the case, you'll need either a signed applet or an application running on the client, if that is feasible.

> There is a facility that allows client apps to have a limited and controlled access outside the sandbox, including printing (the JVM pops up a "the app is trying to use the printer, do you wan to allow it?" message). You can see this in the Notepad and other apps in the default Java Webstart Applications Manager. It has been a while since I installed it and I forget the details of how that it working (it may be a feature of WebStart), but it is in the area between an application (with full system access) and an applet.

> - mfg


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