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February 2002



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Writing and reading objects

Posted by tricky on February 09, 2002 at 8:50 AM

first of all thanks to all guys involved with this board.

My question :
I have one abstract class X and several from X inherited classes a,b,c,d and e. I want to program a abstract method in X which saves and reads the data of a,b.. . I know how to make it in each class e.g by writing the data into a string and then writing in to disc. But this is not an elegant way to do the problem. I have an example in a book writing and reading ONE instance of a class by using readObject writeObject of the ObjectInputStream and ..OutputStream. But if have 5 instances of a and b in a file "info.dat" how read them all (there is a method instanceOf so I do know to which class they belong).
I would be nice if sb out there could help me


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