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January 2001



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Posted by Gary King on February 12, 2002 at 11:46 AM

> > > NM! found it! google search and clicked a roandom person's name and found the dll... pretty lucky huh? and also found to sweeet pix of a shelby gt 500(travis r george)

> > > anywayz.. here is the link...

> > >

> > > > hehe me too... i just got back from a format so i thing i got this file from a previous install from another program cuz it worked before... if anybody finds that file please mail me at i will post also if i find it.

> > > > > I'm missing that file too. If anyone can mail it to me also I'd appreciate it. Thanks

> > > > > > i cannot run yahoo pager it say the above dll is missing. can u mail me that file or tell me how to run yahoo

> OK- now that I have downloaded it-where should I save it, where does it belong?


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