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January 2001



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Now how run it?

Posted by gajju on January 13, 2001 at 5:07 AM


I am able to compile the servlet, but not how do I run it. First we have to run servletrunner(Right). But when i typed servletrunner on command prompt,
it says.. Bad command or file name.
Then i checked for servletrunner.exe it is not there, so what i should do now.

How do i run the servelt. Please give the whole/all instructions so that i could do the best..

Best regards,

> You download the servlet package and set the CLASSPATH to point to it. Suppose the servlet package was copied to C:\servlet
> On Window, by adding the line CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;C:\servlet
> On Unix, adding :C:\servlet to CLASSPATH variable.
> Good luck.

> > I wrote a simple servlet program. But my compile is saying file not found exception. Is it because I am not having servlet classes for compliation. Ok. what if i download it from the sun site, where should i place those in which directory.
> > javajdk1.2/bin is the current directory
> >
> > should i place it in this way.
> >
> > javajdk1.2/bin/servlet/javax/http
> > I received the servelt directory from sun site but where to place it I don't know.

> >
> > Please help me out..
> > regards,
> > gajju

> >
> > waiting for reply.


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