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January 2001



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Writing to a file

Posted by Sunil Bhat on January 13, 2001 at 5:26 PM

I am a java starter and am trying to write records to an output text file. I am getting these records into a "resultset" ineterface from a database using JDBC.I want to know how can i do the following thing in java:-

for example say there are two fields per record
one is String Name
other is int ID
what I need to do is that even if the value of String Name is Null i still want to write at least 5 spaces to the output file. Same way even if int ID is null i want to write 3 zeroes into the file. So basically it the question of formatting them.

e.g example1 String Name = "Sunil"
int ID = 1234;

So the output in the text file would be "Sunil1234"

example2 String Name contains Null
int ID = 1234;
So the output file should look like
" 1234"
which means there should be five spaces before 1234


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