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January 2001



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turning array into something i can use

Posted by drewdowling on January 25, 2001 at 12:16 PM

i need help to turn a array [4][7] containing the x and y coordinates
of points into into 5 rectangles.
I think the code is something like this:

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

class Graphics

Panel panel = null;
Graphics (Panel panel1){
int i = 0
while(i = 0, i < houseArray.length, i++){
int x = houseArray[i][0];
int z = houseArray[i][1];
int a = houseArray[i][4];
int b = houseArray[i][5];
int width = a - x;
int height = b - z;
Graphics gc = panel.getGrapgics;

is this close?
how do i bring my array in from another class?


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