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January 2001



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Posted by Eugene Neymark on February 23, 2001 at 12:50 PM

I found it easier to use Jdom and it worked fine.
Will try renaming the file and saving it under that name - i do it anyway for 'undo'.

> > Hi!
> > I'm trying to edit an xml file using java's dom parser.
> > Well.. the setNodeValue(String) does set it but it doesn't seem to affect the actual xml file. replacing a child doesn't cut it either ;( I would hate to manualy recreate the file using stringbuffer or something..

> > How do I save my changes to XML file?
> > Is there a way ? I heard about java-xml editors, but I would rather do it myself since it's not a large scale thing.

> > Any advice is greatly appriciated!
> > Thanks!

> The last XML project I worked on we had a similar problem. To overcome it, we simply renamed the XML file on disk, and recreated the original from the DOM, using the XmlDocument.write method.

> Hope that helps...

> Eoin


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