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January 2001



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Jni Programming Questions

Posted by Leroy on March 11, 2001 at 12:45 PM

Dear java expert, how are you doing? The main reason
why I'm writing is; because I'm a student trying to
master jni programming.

I have some questions. That I think you'll might be
able to answer. Please if you could explain each
answer in easy to understand terminology. It would
be good to also use examples.

Question 1 -
Please explain (*env)-> and env-> notation. Why would
you use parentheses around *env, instead of just
*env-> for c? You use the notation env-> for c++.
So there must be a reason for the parentheses being
around *env, instead of just being only for syntax

I'm not sure if I have the
whole concept of java passing a string or object to a
native method down pact yet. So I'm going to ask
another question.

Question #2- Is there more than one way that java can
pass a string or object to a native method. Other than
having inside of your native method implementation; a
jni keyword which corresponds or maps, to the java
string or java object? Or, is that the only way?

Please clarify your answers for questions 1 and 2.

Please email me back your answers at Thanks for your time and energy!


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