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January 2001



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Applets and Applications

Posted by Narasimha Prasad N on June 25, 2001 at 3:22 AM


I have a java project which can run as an applet and also as an application. For running it in the browser i will have to connect to a server where corba naming service is running and all the class files reside.So i am refering to the filename existing at the serverside in my URL.When i execute it as a standalone application, all the class files resides at my local hard disk and only for the naming service i am contacting the server.

With this as the background, i would now like to mention the problem i am facing.

Whenever i make some changes to my java source code and make the class files and run them, all the changes are reflected in the application and this is fine for me. But now if i run the browser , all these changes are getting reflected even if i am not touching any class files existing on the server side. Could you please explain me why is this happening. I tried running the applet (Through the browser) form my colleague's machine by connecting it to the same server, there i am not facing this problem. Please suggest me a solution.


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