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and importing the same project into Forte on another

Posted by MW on August 19, 2001 at 1:14 AM

> I'm new to Java and am using the Forte for Java product to learn
> Java with. I'm used to the VB environment where you can import
> your project workspace with ease, but with Forte it's not looking
> like it's as easy. What is the easiest method for saving a
> Forte project to disk on one machine with Forte and putting your
> code on a floppy, etc. and importing the same project into Forte
> on another machine? I've tried different methods and none are
> convienient. I end up making a new project and importing my
> main class. I tried overwriting all the contents of the project
> folder on the machine I want to import the code into and Forte
> has problems with this. I have Forte installed on a Windows2000
> and 98 box.

> Also, my code compiles and works fine in Forte
> but command line java doesn't like it. I get an exception in thread
> "main" error everytime. Any suggestions? Please e-mail me. Thanks.

If the only files in a dir are the
project files(java, form etc)...

copy *.*

At ...
forte4j>file>open "main".class

good luck


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