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January 2001



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Posted by Matt on September 13, 2001 at 6:08 PM

>> ...and that person seem a little bitter...
Who's bitter? Just stating the facts.

>> ...that I am posting my homework assignment...
Well, at least you admit it.

>> (like he never did);
Of course I never have. Why would post homework assignments? The point of homework assigments is to learn how to think and solve problems with the technology you are learning. Having someone else solve the problem is pointless!

>> ...and found this one challenging to learn from.
So learn from it! Try solving the problem instead of asking someone else to do it for you. The fact is, it is a simple exercise and really has nothing much to do with Java. The same exercise could be done in pretty much any language and it is pretty trial and useless (other than for practice while learning the language), which explains why no one wants to do it for you.

>> So please be nice.
If you want people to be nice, don't make such lazy posts. The best kind of post is one that shows you made some effort. Post the code you wrote (if any!) and then ask questions about specific issues that are stumping you. For instance on this one you may be using an ArrayList to hold a collection of Strings containing asterisk characters and maybe you can't figure out how to manipulate it in a certain way. If you posted such a specific request with your almost-completed work on included, I'm sure you would get a plethora of suggestions on how to solve that specific problem. People are mostly interested in helping those who help themselves, not those who want others to do everything for them.

>> Thank you.
Not at all, it's been a pleasure.

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