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January 2001



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Cyclic Dependency - Design Issue

Posted by N. Ganapathy Subramanian on January 08, 2001 at 10:53 PM

Hi Kishori,

Thanks for you reply.

Its basically not about compilation. Its about a design issue, where we want to avoid cyclic dependency.

There few things which I like to point out in your suggestion are

1) By taking more specific case of dependency (aggregate)
temp1 is contained (member) in temp2 &
temp2 is contained (member) in temp1 &

2) temp1 and temp2 are in different package

For the above casses the compilation would work only if both temp1 and temp2 are compiled togather (i.e. in the same command line - javac package(x).temp1 package(y).temp2)

Even doing the above it doesnt remove the dependency, but just a solution to compile two dependent class. But the real thing is to remove the dependency between temp1 and temp2l without using patterns in GOF.

Thanks & Regards
N. Ganapathy Subramanian.

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