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January 2001



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Killing a process

Posted by tom on November 20, 2001 at 8:15 AM

Hi Matt Gerrans,
sounds interesting but as u mentioned sounds comlecated as well. but unfortunately i am not in a state to hire yet. :)
i would be greateful if you could explain the process little bit more. here is what i would like to do.

i have a interface with lots of buttons. each button starts one corba object. i am starting it using batch files. so whenever i click a button a batch file is started which starts the corba object. now i need to kill the corba objects.

hope u will solve my problem.

> This is kind of amusing. This question was just being discussed in the borland.public.cppbuilder.winapi. In other words, most C/C++ programmers can't figure out how to do this, having direct access to the Windows API and you guys want to do it from Java.

> There may be a pure Java way, but I doubt it, since this is a pretty platform-specific type of thing. So the answer is, create youself a native method that does PostMessage(WM_CLOSE) to the main window of the thing. If the program is a console app (has no window), or if it doesn't respond as desired to the WM_CLOSE request (it is a request, not a command), then use TerminateProcess() on it, which will kill it summarily.

> If this all sounds too compilicated and difficult, the easy thing is to hire me to do it for you! ;-)

> - mfg

> > Hi,
> > looks like everyone has the same problem. let me know if anyone of you know how to kill it.
> > regards
> > tom

> > > Hi Anand,

> > > I would like know how to kill the exe process running which is started by process.runtime.exec. The process.runtime.destroy method does dismantle the process object, but the subprocess is still running. I have check this by putting the subprocess in contineous while loop. Please advice.

> > > Thanks in advance,

> > > Alik

> > >
> > > > Hi Anand,
> > > > Could you tell me if you find a way to kill a process in Java ?
> > > > Please, let me know. Thanks a lot.
> > > > Best Regards,
> > > > Franck.

> > > > > I wanted to know whether a process (any .exe file)is running and if it does, then I would like to destroy it. I know how to start a process using the Runtime.getRuntime.exec("someexe.exe"). But how do I find out if "someexe.exe" is running and then kill/destroy it. Thanks in advance.

> > > > > Anand


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