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January 2001



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Posted by Ann Hulett on November 27, 2001 at 12:03 AM

> > > i was trying to get on to yahoo messenger yesturday and it wouldn't let me so i went to yahoo messenger help and it said for me to uninstall yahoo messenger and then restall it again after the uninstall process was done. i did that and when i tried getting into yahoo messenger this notice came up saying that i was missing a dll file and the file was D32-FW.DLL and it said a required dll file and then it said the file type was not found i want to knoiw how i can get that file back so that i can get on to yahoo messenger because without that file i can't it won't let me.
I have been trying to get my Yahoo Messanger back up, When I go into Yahoo and try I get this message you do not have DLL file on and must have it to get back to my yahoo messanger. When I go for help I get one of one and the name Tammy A. Burham Oct.27th 2000 at 1:48PM. 5 I do not know where this came from and I do not know this person to have on file. Please help me or explain to me what I need to do to get back on line Sincerely Mrs. Ann Hulett


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