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January 2001



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disposing a Fame....

Posted by raju on January 10, 2001 at 3:11 AM

Dialog Box (for opening a new file in an Editor) consists of three Buttons "Yes", "No", "Cancel".
When Button "No" is pressed case 'N'(written below) will be executed in switch-case Block Statement. The Logic is such that the Dialog box should disappear with the Parent Frame(which is already opened) & a new Parent Frame will be created.But the parent Frame is not disappering where as a new Parent Frame is opening properly.

case 'N':
dispose() // for disposing the Dialog box
wp.dispose(); // for disposing the parent Frame(wp is the object of that parent Frame Class)
Writepad.main(par); //calling the main method of the
parent Frame class

Please help me in this regard, what is the wrong with this code.


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