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A thank you......... i'm another YGMA_2dll... problem sufferer.

Posted by Guy on December 07, 2001 at 11:33 PM

iwas referred to you coments from a mns computer chat room....

i have spent literally hrs trying to solve this prob including 3emails in last 9days to yahoo without a reply..... yet... i was suspecting it was me that had stuffed up....
i have uninstalled every traceable file of yahoo... but to no avail when i try to reintsall.. if i get a yahoo answer..

i'll on send.. for any who may come by your way in future cheers sory you getting bombarded with someone else issue...

Guy in Aus

. > > ygxa_2dll was not found what does this mean
> (Sheesh, every time I fool with html tags and post without previewing, I regret it.)
> Okay, let's try to erradicate this silly ygxa_2.dll question from this forum, where it does not belong:

> It probably means you uninstalled Yahoo Messanger when the system tray icon was still running (and that their uninstaller is to stupid to close the thing before proceeding).

> Delete the remaining files from

"c:\program files\yahoo\messanger"
and then reinstall Messanger (assuming you still want it). You might create an archive first, in case any relevant stuff is also kept there. I haven't installed the thing myself, but it may also be the case that if you don't want to reinstall it, that it's necessary to remove it from the registry (via regedit).

> If this doesn't help, then you should contact Yahoo support, as this isn't Java programming problem, it is a bug in their product (a bug which is Windows-specific and has absolutely nothing to do with Java). In fact, you should contact Yahoo support either way and put some pressure on them to either fix or post information about their bug, so innocent fora like this one will quit getting spammed with Yahoo Messanger support questions.

> Ack! I'm falling off my soapbox...

> - mfg

  • html jayant January 06, 2002 at 7:01 AM (1)

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