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January 2001



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More Support for Dummies

Posted by Chet Underwood, Esq. on December 18, 2001 at 1:25 PM

> Chet, this string has proven two things. 1. You couldn't pull the answer out of a paper bag. If you knew the answer, you might have helped, rather than beating your fists on your puffed up chest, and chastising the unwitting query. 2. You are a DICK. Have a nice day.

Is the best you can come up with? Well, not surprisingly, you missed a point or two:

  1. This question has been answered here already many times -- even though this is not the correct forum for it -- because people got sick and tired of the idiots posting the inane question.
  2. If you weren't such an idiot yourself, you'd realize I did answer the question (maybe you can find someone with more than a two-digit IQ to read it for you and explain it to you).
  3. Additionally, if you weren't such an imbecile, you'd know that your paper bag mixed metaphor doesn't make any sense. The correct cliché is: "Couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag." As with any cliché, we could take some license with it; for instance, for you, we'd say "He's such a dunce, he couldn't reason his way out of a wet paper bag." However, you are mixing the metaphor with "pulling rabbits out of a hat" or "pulling your head out of your..." well, you get the picture (maybe not; why don't you have someone read this, too, and explain it to you).
  4. I wasn't "chastising an unwitting query" (you might want to actually learn the meaning of these words before stringing them together in a desperate attempt to try (and fail) to sound cogent). Rather, I was chastising the witless sender of a witless query.
  5. Ah the old childish insult plus "have a nice day" cliché. How cute. You are full of them, or more accurately, you are full of it.
  6. Finally, I must thank you for providing such a nice enjoyable and easy target. I know I shouldn't enjoy a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent (to appropriate another of your clichés), but I just can't help myself.


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