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January 2001



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Why does this code snippet work ??

Posted by John Dell'Oso on January 10, 2001 at 6:40 PM

I'm very interested in why the following snippet works .. I got this from a text called Java Bible ..

URL url;
InputStream in;
url = new URL("some url");
in = url.openStream()

I've go no problems with "url" .. my query really concerns "in". InputStream is an abstract class, so by rights it can't be instantiated. So what do we call "in", is it a variable, object reference, whatever ? Later on in the sample code, a method of the class InputStream is used as well like:

while ((numb = != -1) etc... etc ...

How is this possible ? "in" I think is not an object, so how can a message be sent in this way ?

Any insights into my (probably trivial) query would be appreciated.


John Dell'Oso


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