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January 2001



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Boot to the head

Posted by Freebooter on December 21, 2001 at 1:04 PM

> > Please contact Yahoo Technical Support Team.

> yahoo...... u better secure your sites from booters! I am now using my friends computer, due to a booter frying every circuit in mine.... the user name is " jt_crip_ (dunno the last digit, I know it is a #)"...... all i have to say is get your team on this!!!!! get a host in every room...... or setup a bot to ban users from using this option....... i am getting fed up with booters... this is now going to be my 4TH computer in a matter of a year! due to the ignorance of booters. I am getting verry pissed with the way yahoo runs their websites, and I WAS a satisfied user until this point..... if u do not correct or set something up within the next week... u have lost my account here at yahoo! sincerely..... Jance Miller (a.k.a => mc_spaceman)

You moron. How could someone booting you from a chat room harm your computer? You are getting booted because you are an idiot. Did you think this is Yahoo support? Don't you think Yahoo's support would be at their web site? Yes, I know the answer: you don't think. Period.


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