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January 2002



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Some help

Posted by Hiran on January 17, 2002 at 2:12 PM

Rajan, firstly, you don't need the dear sir/madam. You can just post the question - we're all on the same level here. Secondly, sounds like you are new to either programming, or java programming. If that's so, there are plenty of programming/java programming resources on the web and in print that you can get. One that I've found useful is Thinking in Java, 1st Edition (by Bruce Eckel). Thirdly, in regard to your specific question, Sun's website has tons of tutorials on Java. Here's their lesson on printing. Hope this is what you're looking for.

> Dear Sir/Madam,

> I h've probem and that is I h've long list of address , like names and telephone numbers stored.
> Now Sir Please tell me how can I write code so that when i want to take print out of those adddresses they can be printed on the nameslips , so that i can send those address nameslips to the persons on envelop.

> Please tell me which programming tool i should write into.
> I want to write into java etc.

> Thanks a Lot !
> Rajan


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