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huge huge database problem

Posted by Chin Loong on January 22, 2002 at 10:13 AM

> > ... i migrated my database from mySQL to MS access, and...

> There's your problem! What were you thinking?

:( matt... customer's request.. not mine. :( :(

well, somebody in a java mailing list said that he had the problem before, because of the connection (the problem's not with the connection nor the connection pool) creates so much statements that something got overloaded or such.

well, i tried closing my statements, but another weird problem comes out. it's like.. well, previously when I try to load a bill, (which will call the database several times, opening connection, create statement, re-use connection) it will slow down after like 5 bills or so. and *real* slow. and never gets fast back..

but when i close the statements (Statement.close()), when I try to load a bill, the first time it's fast. second time, fast. third time, slow a tiny bit (previously, it slows by A LOT.. after the 5th time or so). 4th, slow a bit more. 5th, slow more. then when i do a "List All" (only 1 database call), and my list of bills refresh, it gets fast back!

weird... weird.. :(



first time see me so sad, eh?



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