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Connecting to a remote database

Posted by Chris Funkhouser on January 07, 2002 at 4:06 PM

I need some help in trying to connect my application to a remote database. I'm deploying my application over the Web through Java Web Start, which means a variety of clients need to be able to use it. It is likely that many of those clients have firewalls.

I downloaded a trial version of a Type 3 JDBC driver from IDS Software. I figured I would need to use the built-in proxy server that comes with it to get around the firewall issue. My code (the part that deals with this, anyway) looks like this, except with a real IP address put in where it says IPaddress. isdx.dll is their proxy server, and the variables and query are instantiated earlier in the code:

public void AuthConn() throws Exception {

Driver drv = new IDSDriver();
Connection conn =

drv.connect("jdbc:ids://IPaddress/scripts/idsx.dll/conn?dsn=IowaApplet", null);

ResultSet rs;
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE,


try {

String variable = Username.getText();
String query = "Select * from tblPassword WHERE Username = '" + variable + "'";
rs = stmt.executeQuery(query);;
s = rs.getString("Username");
t = rs.getString("Password");
u = rs.getString("DistrictID");


} catch (SQLException e) {

This code works fine when accessing it locally, but returns errors when trying to access it remotely. The usual and most common error is:

java.sql.SQLException: Unexpected end of socket stream

Does anybody have experience with IDS driver/server in particular, or with another different driver that you know you can get to access a database remotely?

I'm currently using MS Access as the database, with a plan to move to MS SQL Server. My web server is running Windows 2000.

Any help on this topic is appreciated.



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