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The only thing I can suggest...

Posted by Hiran on January 24, 2002 at 7:28 PM

The only thing I can think of is to check each value that you read in and see if it contains only numerical data or not. For example:

/** This is a method that takes in a string value and checks whether it contains only numerical data or not. It returns a true if the string contains only numerical data, and false otherwise */
private boolean checkData(String value)
boolean isInt = false;
int numCharInt = 0;
char c = 'a';
for (int i=0; i {
c = value.charAt(i);
for (int j=48; j<58; j++)
if (c == (char) j)
numCharInt ++;
if (numCharInt == value.length())
isInt = true;

Some notes:
1) The integer variable numCharInt holds the number of characters in the string that are actually integers
2) You don't have to intialize the character variable c to 'a'
3) 48 - 57 are the ASCII value equivalents of the numbers 0 - 9
I hope this helps. I haven't tested this, so I'm not entirely sure if it'll work. You might have to work out a few bugs, but this is the overall idea of how I would do what you want to do.

> I need to read from a file that contains both text and numbers and store them as individual values in an array......If they are numbers I need to use them to plot graphs(y axis) and the text (dates: "oct31") will serve as the values for the x axis........

> I have code that reads the entire file and stores it as text but I need to serve some of the values as integers.


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