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JEditorPane weirdo

Posted by Chin Loong on January 29, 2002 at 2:16 AM

hi there guys,

need a bit of help. I'm using JEditorPane to display some text to be printed in content-type "text/html". The problem is, even though I specified the font size in

> ,

even though the font changes size accordingly, the height of the space that the font contained remains the same. To put it in simple terms, at first, the fonts were quite big, and my JEditorPane could only fit a certain number of lines (let's say 10). when I use [font] tag to make the fonts small, the fonts became small as expected *but* the JEditorPane *still* can only fit 10 lines. The height of the font itself became small, but when I click on the font, I noticed that the caret's size is still huge (only the character size change, the row size remains the same) and there's huge space in between rows. Now, how do I change that size?

Pls help, thanks :)


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