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Hiran - I have a good reason .. need help

Posted by Avin Sinanan on February 02, 2002 at 1:10 AM

Well you must think am lazy.. am not actually.. the reason why am not doing the UML myself is becasue I've actually been given given a major project to do in 6 months. Here is the situation. 5 months have already gone. This just leaven one month. here are the stuff am suppsoe to do: Note when I was given this project 5 months ago I knew Nill in Java. It was the first time I saw Java.
I didn't have a choice in the matter.

1) I have to create a program in Java Swing to simulate a GSM
(Global Systems for Mobile Communication) Cellular network.

2)I was to create a GUI so the user could build a network and them simulate the network.

3) After building the network the user is suppsoe to generate graphs showing the amount of loading (amount of bytes) flowing between each component in the network.

4) To do the simulation am suppose to use Discrete event simulation techniques.

Abd after all that am suppsoe to draw UML digrams.

Now thats why I need the program. I have a lot of stuff to do. You seem very goon in java. Could you help me out? I could post up all the stuff I did. I did the GUI..I need help with the Discerete event Simulatioon and adding fucntionlnaity to the GUI compoenents.

I humbly ask for you assistance...Avin


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