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Take a look at the Java Documentation

Posted by Hiran on February 06, 2002 at 3:03 PM

Check out Sun's Java Documentation, particularly the Font class. You would most likely have to use that class. Regarding the displaying of Hindi characters, you will probably have to find a Hindi font and bundle that with your application. Regarding the writing of Hindi characters, that might take a bit more. It might be possible to specify a font to be used for your input box where the user enter data, so when the data is entered, it appears as Hindi characters in the input box. If not, you could probably create an input box (ie, using JTextField) and a text box (ie, using JTextArea), and have the text box display characters that are entered in the input box. Only those characters would have to be displayed using the Hindi font. Also, you would have figure out some type of keyboard mapping that your users will use to type in Hindi, and specify that. Most foreign language fonts have a keyboard mapping associated with the font. If that's not the case, you can create your own keyboard mapping. Lastly, you could also use Unicode (instead of a seperate font). Check out Unicode's Home Page for more details. Hope this helps. If not, post specific questions and/or code, and someone is sure to help.

> Hello friends,
> i have to develop a project in java which uses hindi fonts i.e. user will write in hindi(not in romans) and the messages will also be displayed in hindi. Can anybody help me as i am totally confused and dont know how to proceed.

> Thanks in advance
> Saddy


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