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BufferedReader might help

Posted by Hiran on January 15, 2002 at 10:22 PM

Danny, you could try using a BufferedReader object. It wraps around another input reader (such as InputStreamReader, or FileReader). For more info, see Sun's Java Documentation. BufferedReader has a method called readLine() that you would probably use. It reads a line of text and returns it as a string. Then you could parse the string, and extract the info you want, and convert it to integer to store in your array. (I know there's a way to convert from String to int, but I'm not sure how). Anyway, hope this helps.

> Hi experts ! This shozuld be an easy question :
> there is a file which contains numbers like 21 12 54 6 8 .. I have to take portions of 6 and program a constructor which initialises an object with the information of the file.

> class numberlist
> {
> private int numberlist[]=new int[6];

> // Constructors
> for (i=1;i<=6;i++)
> {public numberlist[i]= ** ? **
> }
> }

> ** ? ** -> How to put the information from the file "name.txt" into numberlist[i]

> Thanks in advance


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